You budget how much for personal care?


In this post, I’ll be discussing how much we budget on personal care each month. This group is pretty straightforward when looking at what it covers.

Get to the point already!

We budget $75 for personal care each month. This amount has been very consistent for a long time. It had been a bit less in the past, but we increased it a while ago to make sure there was enough for those in our family who don’t get their hair done as often.

How do you stick to it?

This is pretty easy. I get my hair cut once a month, so much it rolls over from month to month so that when my wife or daughters needs something, there is plenty there. The key is to not steal from it when other budget categories might be overspent in a month.

What all does it cover?

This category honestly doesn’t cover very much.

  • Haircuts for anyone in the family (including the dog)
    • For me this is roughly $19/month
  • Hair styling or coloring
  • Optionally makeup and cosmetics


How much do you spend on personal care each month? What other categories would you like me to cover? Let me know in the comments below.

You can also see how much we spend on other budget categories here.

December 2017 – Mortgage Payoff Update

fancy home

At the end of November, our remaining payoff balance is at 26.40% of our original mortgage that we took out in 2007. That’s a reduction of 0.66%.

How much longer until the payoff?

Once all of Decembers’s payments are applied, we’ll have reduced our mortgage balance by about $895 this month. We successfully got the mortgage just below $36k by the end of the year. According to our schedule, we have 10 payments left. That means our mortgage will be paid off on November 1, 2018.

We reached our safe amount of padding in our savings account, so extra money each month will now go straight to the mortgage. We’re going to be pushing it kind of close to make the November 1 deadline, but I have a plan.

I’ve increased my goal of how much I’d like to bring in from side work. I also plan on ramping up selling items on eBay and Amazon this year. I’ve done this  in the past with various levels of success, but I think with proper coaching and guidance I will bring in $1000 a month.

This is important because we’ve already planned a celebration vacation in December which means we’ll need to save up extra to pay for that as well. I believe it’s all possible, it’s just a matter of planning and getting there.

Budget Series

I haven’t forgotten about the budget series and the personal care category. I’ll hopefully have an update for you on that soon.