Combining Common Sense Financial Advice with Unique Money Saving Tips

So, why create this site and venture on with this new endeavor. For several reasons actually.

First, I’m someone who likes to save money. I’ve always had a propensity to save, but I’ve also liked to have nice things. Can those two things go together? Of course, and I hope to show you how.

Second, you oftentimes hear people talk about how they’re going save to save someday. They’ve got too many other expenses right now to save money. Well, saving isn’t just about putting money into a savings account. It’s also about saving on everyday items and the things you’re going to spend money on anyhow. If you’re going to be buying something, why not get the best deal if it’s not going to take you much, if any, extra time to get it?

Finally, I like technology and learning new things related to it. (Warning, techie terms ahead!) That means that setting up this site got me some additional experience with Linux, Amazon EC2 (which is free for the first year by the way), blogging, and social media. So, it’s a learning experience at the same time.

The Fine Print

You can’t give advice without some sort of fine print, so here it is. While the things that are written about are to help you save money in different ways, they may not be for everyone. Please do your own research and use what you read here as a starting point. Just because something may have worked for me or saved me money, it doesn’t mean that it will for everyone.

Also, I do not get any kickback or compensation for writing about any products or services, but I may include links that could save you money or give me something in return if you use them. If by some chance I do get compensated for reviewing a product or service, or a product or service is provided to me free of charge for review, I will try to note it in the review and make it clear that I in some way have benefitted from writing the post.

Obviously, ads and affiliate links are a different story. I will get compensated when those are used (and hopefully compensated A LOT, so click away).

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