47, and counting…

You might be asking yourself, “47 what?”

If all goes well, 47 more months and we’ll have our house paid off. That cuts about 60 months from where we were going to be. We’ve wanted to pay off our house for some time, but haven’t really focused any concentrated effort at getting it done other than making an extra payment here and there.

I’m hoping that by posting this, it provides some level of accountability. Putting it in writing makes it more real. I do better when I set a goal and can see results happening within a reasonable timeframe. The best way I knew how to do that was to create an amortization schedule and then start plugging realistic numbers in to see how many months we could cut off.

Do we really have to make huge sacrifices to get this done? Not like you might expect. A lot of it is a matter of prioritization. Most things that we want we can put off for 4 years to have full financial freedom. That means no “new to us” cars for the next 4 years, for example.

I’m hoping that it will actually be a shorter period than 47 months, but time will tell as life has a way of happening in ways that we don’t expect.

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  1. Ron says:

    YAY : )

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