April 2017 – Republic Wireless Bill

The April payment to Republic Wireless was $25.79. The next month’s Republic Wireless bill will be a bit more due to some phone swaps we had to do this month.


  • WiFi Only Phone – $5
  • Wife’s phone using Sprint’s network on the Refund Plan (512 MB Plan) – $17.50
  • Taxes – $3.31
  • Refund for unused data – ($.02)
  • Total – $25.79

This month my Nexus 5X that I’ve had for about 18 months decided to die. I contacted Google Nexus support about it and surprisingly they decided to honor the warranty and send me a replacement at no cost. It took longer than usual to arrive, so we ended up buying a Motorola G5 Plus. That way I could get access to my messages and phone calls. I used the WiFi Only Phone for a couple of days and enabled data and cellular on it. They charged me right away for this, but it will likely be reflected in next month’s bill.

Now that I’ve got a working Nexus 5X phone again, and a Motorola G5 Plus, we’re going to switch my wife over to Total Wireless and take advantage of their 8GB shared plan for $60/month. We’ll then use my wife’s Moto X for the WiFi only home phone, and sell the Moto G3 that was the WiFi only phone. If you or someone you know is interested in trying Republic Wireless, I’ve got a great condition phone for sale.

If you’ve used Republic or have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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