FIRE Month Savings Progress Report for June 2021

As the kitchen project moves forward, fortunately, our monthly expenses are starting to decline and come a bit more close to normal. They’re still quite a bit higher than expected, but coming down a bit.

The numbers this month have almost all moved in a positive direction. You’ll notice a huge increase in savings from one month to the next. That’s primarily because I changed jobs and was paid out for my unused vacation. We didn’t need the extra funds, so much of it got invested. In addition, I started a Solo 401k for my side hustle. This gives us another avenue of saving some of the money earned through Adro Solutions away and lowering our taxes.

If you’re wondering what I use to record our numbers monthly, it’s Personal Capital. You can start using them too and we both get $20:

How did this affect us?

Even though our expenses have dropped a bit this month, we still had quite a long list of them.

  • $1573 – Sewer repair
  • $825 – Homeowner’s insurance
  • $681 – Car Insurance
  • $448 – Kayaking and ziplining
  • $438 – Three Cedar Point season passes
  • $420 – Work trip (will be reimbursed in July)
  • $235 – Medical expenses
  • $226 – Europe trip
  • $225 – Plumbers
  • $175 – Braces
  • $155 – Pest inspection and warranty

The Money Related Numbers

Current and future value against Minimum FIRE Goal and 25x Expenses Goal

52.21% to target number (previously 50.15%)

This is our invested assets/target number. Our invested assets span across a variety of investment vehicles such as 401k, HSA, IRA, Roth IRA, ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Program) and standard taxable mutual funds.

85 months (previously 86)

The number of months until my 45th birthday and our finish date.

51.63 months (previously 54.91)

The number of expected months until we reach our target number based on our current expected monthly contributions, assuming a 10% annual return.

The Expense Related Numbers

10.23 times annual spending (previously 10.01)

This is how many multiples of our annual spending we have saved up towards our goal. For example, if this value was 9.1 and we spent $10,000 annually, we would have $91,000 saved up.

40.92% to minimum FIRE (previously 40.03%)

The minimum number to achieve FIRE is 25 times our annual spending. This number shows how close we are to the absolute minimum.

19.59 times annual spending at goal number (previously 19.96)

We have a goal amount that we’d like to reach. Given our current annual spending, this is how many times our annual spending we’ll have saved when we reach our goal number.

How Much We Invested

77.04% Month to Month Change In How Much Saved (previously 4.64%)

This number shows the change in what we saved this month compared to the prior month in things like 401k, Roth IRA, taxable accounts, and Employee Stock Purchase Program.

67.51% Month to Month Change in How Much Saved With Employer Contributions (previously 5.46%)

Same as the prior number, but with employer contributions counted.

2.48% Month to Month Change in 6 Month Savings Average (previously -0.55%)

This number show the change in what we saved this month compared to the prior month, but on a 6 month rolling average. This helps to smooth out months over time and shows a more general trend.

4.22% of 6 Month Average Net Income Invested With Employer Contributions (previously 1.10%)

Same as the prior number, but with employer contributions counted.

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