FIRE Progress Report – February 2019

Chugging through 2019 at full speed ahead!

The Numbers


This is our invested assets/target number. Our invested assets span across a variety of investment vehicles such as 401k, HSA, IRA, Roth IRA, ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Program) and standard taxable mutual funds.

114 months

The number of months until my 45th birthday and our finish date.

110.93 months

The number of expected months until we reach our target number based on our current expected monthly contributions, assuming a 10% annual return.

9.37 times annual spending

This is how many multiples of our annual spending we have saved up towards our goal. For example, if we spent $10,000 annually, we would have $91,000 saved up.

37.48% to minimum FIRE

The minimum number to achieve FIRE is 25 times our annual spending. This number shows how close we are to the absolute minimum.

42.18 times annual spending at goal number

We have a goal amount that we’d like to reach. Given our current annual spending, this is how many times our annual spending we’ll have saved when we reach our goal number.

Where We Saved This Month

401k – $1846 total (employee and employer)

HSA – $430

Roth IRA – $1000

ESPP – $486

Taxable Investments – This will start after we’ve built up an extra cushion in our savings account, probably closer to the end of the year.

What’s Happened and What’s Happening

Overall, most numbers improved this past month. We essentially have two goals to reach for FIRE. The first is a money amount that we want to have invested before we can say we’ve reached FIRE. The second is a multiple of our annual expenses that we would like to have saved before reaching FIRE. Numbers related to our money goal improved greatly. Because I’ve been tracking our expenses more accurately in YNAB, our numbers related to expenses will probably look worse for about another 10-11 months. In the end though, we’ll actually have a much more accurate indicator of where we stand when looking at how many years of expenses we’ll have saved up.

We should be able to finally get our savings account padding built up this month and start putting money into taxable investments starting next month!

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