FIRE Progress Report for April 2021

Spring is in full swing! We’re starting to plan out some different things we’d like to get done over the summer. We had previously been considering building a house this year, but with buildings costs at an all time high, and options for land in the area we’d like to build at a low, we decided to wait. Our daughters don’t have that much time until they’ll be out of school and then we’d no longer be locked into living in a certain area.

That being said, we decided to remodel our kitchen. This is the last room in the house that hasn’t gotten much TLC. This month we purchased cabinets so we would get them this summer. We had already saved up quite a bit for potential expenses with buying land or building, so we’re just reallocating that money towards the kitchen.

In addition, we had some normal expenses that come around this time of year… like taxes. Surprisingly though, our taxes were considerably less this year than in years past. We also paid someone to stay with our kids for a weekend so that we could go on a couples trip to Hocking Hills.

If you’re wondering what I use to record our numbers monthly, it’s Personal Capital. You can start using them too and we both get $20:

How did this affect us?

We’ll be making monthly payments for our oldest daughter’s Europe trip for about a year or so. This month it dropped a little because others have made contributions towards it. My annual life insurance bill also came due this month.

Due to the increased expenses of the kitchen remodel, you’re going to see our expense related numbers go in a negative direction. That’s despite the fact that our amount invested increased quite a bit this month.

  • Kitchen cabinets – $7980
  • Europe trip for daughter – $234
  • Federal taxes – $654
  • State taxes – $64
  • Life insurance – $440
  • Childcare – $200

The Money Related Numbers

Current and future value against Minimum FIRE Goal and 25x Expenses Goal

49.22% to target number (previously 46.40%)

This is our invested assets/target number. Our invested assets span across a variety of investment vehicles such as 401k, HSA, IRA, Roth IRA, ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Program) and standard taxable mutual funds.

87 months (previously 88)

The number of months until my 45th birthday and our finish date.

56.10 months (previously 60.06)

The number of expected months until we reach our target number based on our current expected monthly contributions, assuming a 10% annual return.

The Expense Related Numbers

11.47 times annual spending (previously 12.51)

This is how many multiples of our annual spending we have saved up towards our goal. For example, if this value was 9.1 and we spent $10,000 annually, we would have $91,000 saved up.

45.89% to minimum FIRE (previously 50.04%)

The minimum number to achieve FIRE is 25 times our annual spending. This number shows how close we are to the absolute minimum.

23.31 times annual spending at goal number (previously 26.96)

We have a goal amount that we’d like to reach. Given our current annual spending, this is how many times our annual spending we’ll have saved when we reach our goal number.

How Much We Invested

-0.68% Month to Month Change In How Much Saved (previously -0.75%)

This number shows the change in what we saved this month compared to the prior month in things like 401k, Roth IRA, taxable accounts, and Employee Stock Purchase Program.

8.83% Month to Month Change in How Much Saved With Employer Contributions (previously -0.05%)

Same as the prior number, but with employer contributions counted.

-0.38% Month to Month Change in 6 Month Savings Average (previously 3.25%)

This number show the change in what we saved this month compared to the prior month, but on a 6 month rolling average. This helps to smooth out months over time and shows a more general trend.

1.30% of 6 Month Average Net Income Invested With Employer Contributions (previously 3.81%)

Same as the prior number, but with employer contributions counted.

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