FIRE Progress Report – July 2019

The Money Related Numbers

25.16% (previously 23.26%)

This is our invested assets/target number. Our invested assets span across a variety of investment vehicles such as 401k, HSA, IRA, Roth IRA, ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Program) and standard taxable mutual funds.

109 months (previously 110)

The number of months until my 45th birthday and our finish date.

104.23 months (previously 108.50)

The number of expected months until we reach our target number based on our current expected monthly contributions, assuming a 10% annual return.

The Expense Related Numbers

8.45 times annual spending (previously 8.23)

This is how many multiples of our annual spending we have saved up towards our goal. For example, if this value was 9.1 and we spent $10,000 annually, we would have $91,000 saved up.

33.81% to minimum FIRE (previously 32.91%)

The minimum number to achieve FIRE is 25 times our annual spending. This number shows how close we are to the absolute minimum.

33.61 times annual spending at goal number (previously 35.37)

We have a goal amount that we’d like to reach. Given our current annual spending, this is how many times our annual spending we’ll have saved when we reach our goal number.

Where We Saved This Month

401k – $1882 total (employee and employer)

HSA – $430

Roth IRA – $1000

ESPP – $495

Taxable Investments – $667

What’s Happened and What’s Happening

We’re continuing to see our money related numbers move in a positive direction, while our expense related numbers decline. We probably won’t see our expenses start to level off until about December and we get a full year of tracking our expenses more accurately under our belt. Overall, this will be positive change in calculating our retirement numbers, but it doesn’t look good in the meantime.

One of the larger expenses this month was our car and homeowner’s insurance. We can expect it to be this way each year in June for the foreseeable future. We also had a couple of short excursions that added to our expenses. It’s not worth living like a hermit just to reach financial goals. If it adds to our quality of life, we’ll spend money on it.

That being said, we’ve started to accumulate experiences more than things. “Stuff” gives you a temporary satisfaction, but you can talk about experiences and get excited about them for a long time before and after they happen.

The stock market continues to move in a positive direction, which will continue to bolster our numbers until a correction occurs. At that point, we’ll be buying at a discount and stick to the plan so we can take advantage of any recovery that occurs.

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