January 2017 – Republic Wireless Bill

The January payment to Republic Wireless was $55.77. I decided to drop Project Fi and switch my phone over to Republic Wireless. So far it’s been a great switch. I’m using the T-Mobile network. They recently deployed 700 MHz bands in our area, so I get better coverage inside buildings in our area now. Below is a breakdown of our bill:

  • One phone on WiFi Only Plan – $5
  • One phone on Sprint’s network using Refund Plan (512 MB Plan) – $17.50
  • One phone on T-Mobile’s network using the Clear Choice Plan (2GB) – $30
  • Taxes – $6.81
  • Refund for unused data – ($3.54)
  • Total – $55.77

I’ve had pretty good coverage except when in the country in certain places. Oddly enough, there are times when I have better coverage than my wife has. I’ve had LTE coverage when she sometimes barely has 3G. Of course there are other times she has LTE, and I have no coverage.

If you’ve used Republic or have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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