July 2016 – Project Fi Bill

For July 2016, my Project Fi bill came out to be $42.02. That includes:

  • Unlimited calls and texts for $20
  • 2GB of data for $20
  • Taxes and fees for $3.20
  • Additional 0.118GB of data – $1.18

We used somewhere around 189MB ($1.89) of data on the iPad this month. We recently took a trip West and I was able to use the use the US Cellular network that was added to Project Fi. It only popped up a couple of times and worked okay, but most of the time the phone connected to Sprint or T-Mobile. I was able to get coverage almost everywhere using one of the three networks. There were still some places where coverage was limited. I’m convinced that Sprint’s 3G coverage is worthless since it is so slow and is less usable that T-Mobile’s 2G or Edge service most of the time.

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