Kids = Cash

Sure, you already know that kids cost money to raise. Too much money sometimes. Have you ever considered turning the tables and raising some cash at your kids’ expense?

Check out the ideas below.

  • Tax Deductions – Kids are definitely a tax deduction and if you’re not taking the deduction already, you’re crazy! It doesn’t even put a dent in what you spend on them in a year.
  • Babysitting – When they’re old enough, you can have them babysit and make some money. They may not give it to you, but at least it’s money in their pocket that they shouldn’t be asking you for.
  • Rent them out – Neighbor’s lawn needs mowed? Friend’s weeds need pulled? Send your kid over and have them do it. Then you can make a back room deal with your friend for them to pay you directly. Just tell your kid they’re doing a service project.
  • Craigslist – If all else fails, sell them on Craigslist. Sure, I could have said Amazon or eBay, but I’m pretty sure they’ve got strict rules against that kind of thing. Craigslist is more of a free for all type of thing anyhow. You might get enough interest before your classified ad is reported. Remember, younger kids have the cuteness factor, but older kids can be put to work. Be sure to stress that in your post.

The most important thing to remember this April 1st is to be creative. Kids have creative ways of sucking our wallets dry, so you might as well be creative in how you fill it back up. Be sure to leave your creative ideas in the comments below.

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