Money Saving Win of the Week – Broken Washer

Our 12 year old washer started throwing out an error code recently and wouldn’t complete a wash cycle. I ended up looking up the code online and it pointed to the washer pump not working correctly. I checked all the hoses and the trap for something blocking it, but couldn’t find anything. The pump did seen to be making a weird noise as well.

At this point, I could have called an appliance repair company and paid easily over $100 to have them come out, order a part or two and repair it. Instead I went on Amazon, found a replacement drain pump and bought it for less than $24. A quick search on YouTube uncovered a video on how to replace it. After it arrived, I had it replaced in about 10 minutes and it was working again.

Since then we’ve gotten a different error code at the end of the wash cycle from time to time. Everything still works, but the error code comes up. I contacted the seller and since we couldn’t quite figure out the cause, they refunded me the money for it and didn’t require me to return it. In the meantime, we’ll leave it in since it seems to be working most of the time and if we need another one, I know where to get one for about $25!

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  1. Ron says:

    When I took your pump apart it definitely seemed a little out of wack. Even if it wasn’t your issue it would have been soon enough.

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