Savings at the pump with the GasBuddy card

I’m always a sucker for new ways to save some extra money without much effort on my part. That’s why when I found out about the GasBuddy card, I figured I’d give it a try.

How it works

This card works similar to the Target REDCard┬ádebit card. Essentially you link the card to your checking account and they give you a discount by processing the transactions. Unlike the REDCard’s 5% discount, GasBuddy gives you $0.05 off per gallon automatically when you use it at the pump.

After signing up, you’ll receive your card in the mail, set up a driver ID (which is essentially a PIN). Then when you go the pump, you just swipe your card and enter your driver ID and pump away. You can ignore the price at the pump and skip the receipt. GasBuddy will email you your final receipt and it will pop up in the GasBuddy app if you have it installed on your phone.

They’ll then deduct the final amount out of your checking account a couple of days later.

It’s easy!

I love how easy it is. It does require carrying another card around, but it’s not difficult to use. It’s worked at every gas station I’ve tried it at so far.

I’ve used cash back credit cards, but honestly, those tend to over complicate things in the budget and just don’t seem worth the effort. If I could find a cash back debit card, then we’d have a winner.

They also track your lifetime savings and tell you how much you’ve saved.

Final note

It appears that GasBuddy is now offering points through Shop Your Way OR the discount per gallon. I’ll continue taking the discount since it’s an immediate savings versus piling up points to buy something that I don’t really need.

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  1. Ronald Amrine says:

    Worth looking into. Thanks

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