“Hidden” discount for credit union members using Sprint

Are you tired of the $36 activation or upgrade fees from Sprint when you start a new line or upgrade your phone on an existing line? Looking to get a bit more of a discount on the “extras” you pay for such as increased data?

If you’re a member of a credit union, then you can get those fees waived and get 10% off any extras you’ve added. Simply visit http://www.sprint.com/verify and complete the necessary information. When asked for a corporate ID use NACUC_ZZM. You can then upload your proof using the form. Proof would include something like a recent statement or membership card. Be sure to black out any identifying information such as account numbers or social security numbers.

I’ve been told that the process should only take 2-3 days before they process it. We discovered this when we got our first statement and it had the activation fee on there. After they applied the discount program, they also went back and gave us a credit for the activation fee that was pending on our account.

If you run into any issues or want to check the status of your discount, you can call 855-297-1367. This will take you to the people who do the discounts. They were very helpful when I called and had some questions. There are other discounts available through different employers and memberships. They can probably help you find the one that is best for you if you call.

Have you found any “hidden” special programs like this for other services? Does this discount help to save you some money? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. kc5fm says:

    Not just Credit Unions. Banks, Motor Clubs, AARP and AMAC, all have possible discounts. Call the number to check.

    http://www.amac.us is a good member group for “old folks”. It is the conservative AARP

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