The Allowance Game – Teach your kids about money

If you have kids, grandkids, or simply know of some kids you kind of like, then I’m sure you can agree that they need to learn that stuff costs money, and money isn’t unlimited. If you can teach them about money through real world experiences, like chores, that’s great. But kids have short attention spans, so sometimes using a game keeps their interest a little better.

I played The Allowance Game when I was younger, which seems like a long time ago now. Now that I’ve got kids of my own, we’ve inherited that same game to play with our kids. I’m going to be basing what I know about the game from the version we have that is from the 80’s (and possibly older). The rules have probably changed with inflation (something I don’t think Monopoly can claim).

The goal of the game is simple. The first to have $10 wins. Every person starts with $2. You roll the dice and move around the board, following the instructions on each space you land on. On some of the spaces you will get money for selling things, doing a job, or losing a tooth. On other spaces, you have to spend money to buy a record at a garage sale (I told you we had the old version), or get some ice cream.

Every time you pass “home” you get to collect your allowance (similar to Monopoly). Unlike Monopoly you don’t buy spaces. However, there are a couple of unique corners. One is the bank, where you can put in a dollar and then every time you land on the space, you earn interest. You can also purchase the skate rental square and then people have to pay you to rent skates when they land on that space. (The skate rental has been updated to a lemonade stand in the new version.)

As for the money aspect, the game has fake 1 and 5 dollar bills, along with plastic nickels, dimes, and quarters. They’re realistic enough that kids will know what they are and can relate them to the real thing.

So what will kids learn by playing this game?

  • How to make change for dollars.
  • How to count money.
  • Buying stuff costs money and money can run out.
  • Saving money can make you money (when you save it in the bank).
  • Starting a business is a good way to make money (such as with skate rental or a lemonade stand).

The Allowance Game isn’t meant to be difficult. You don’t have to read through a huge book of instructions to get started, which is great for kids who just want to get started. You can probably play through a few rounds in an hour too. If you want to teach a child about money, then check it out using the affiliate link below. It could make a great birthday gift!

Have you ever played The Allowance Game? Do you have any games that you play with your kids to teach them life lessons? Leave a comment below!

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