Wireless Plans from Total Wireless Improved!

I originally reviewed Total Wireless a few months ago and we have been pretty happy with it overall. The service is good (it uses Verizon’s network) and the price is right ($57 for 2 phones). So I was surprised when I recently went out to see if any competitors had anything better to offer. To my surprise, Total Wireless got even better!

Original Plans

The single line plans haven’t changed, only the shared or family plans.
  • 2 phones – $60/month 8GB shared data
  • 3 phones – $85/month 12GB shared data
  • 4 phones – $100/month 15GB shared data

The 5% auto-pay discount applies to these plans as well. Finally, if these data amounts weren’t enough for you, you could get an extra 3GB of data for an extra $10/month. The plus side is that the extra data you buy would roll over every month so you keep using it until it’s all gone!

New and Improved Plans

The prices stay the same, but the data gets SO MUCH BETTER! Below is a summary, but you can view the details here.

  • 2 phones – $60/month 15GB shared data
  • 3 phones – $85/month 20GB shared data
  • 4 phones – $100/month 25GB shared data

You can still get the auto-pay discount and if you need the extra data, it’s now 5GB for $10/month instead of 3GB.

One of the things I hear the most when I talk to someone about changing their cell phone provider is that they don’t want to have less coverage. You can’t get better than Verizon’s coverage nationwide. If you haven’t checked out Total Wireless yet, what are you waiting for? (Tell me in the comments below.)

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