You budget how much for gifts?

In this post, I’ll be discussing how much we budget for gifts each month.

Get to the point already!

We budget $100 for gifts each month. Over time, this amount started around $50 a month and has increased to $75 and now $100. We’ve kept it at $100 for quite a while now.

How do you stick to it?

Given what this category covers, we can generally stay under this amount pretty easily each. Sometimes we’ll have an amount that carries over and other times we might spend slightly over this amount.

What all does it cover?

As you would expect, this category covers gifts.

  • For birthday parties our daughters are invited to
  • For extended family members
  • Random acts of kindness or pick me ups for people
  • Cards and gift bags

It does not usually cover Christmas or birthday presents for the immediate family. We oftentimes use savings for that.


How much do you spend on presents each month? What other categories would you like me to cover? Let me know in the comments below.

You can also see how much we spend on other budget categories here.

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