February 2016 – Republic Wireless Bill

Starting last month I began reporting how much we’re paying for my wife’s cell phone bill. I’ll try to plan on continuing this, as well as posting my results with Google’s Project Fi starting with my next bill.

That being said, our February payment to Republic Wireless was $17.53. That includes unlimited calling and texting, 512 MB of data, and a $2.14 credit for the data she didn’t use the month before.

If you’re looking for inexpensive phone service and you’re around WiFi most of the time, check out Republic Wireless. You will have to buy your phone (they’re working on a financing option), but they do have some affordable options available. There is no contract and you’ve got 30 days to try the service and get a full refund on the phone if it’s not for you.

If you’ve used Republic or have any questions, let me know if the comments.

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  1. Jeff Martin says:

    We’ve been using republic fur my wife’s and my daughter’s phone. There have been some hiccups with using Google hangouts for MMS messaging that seem to have been resolved by switching to Google messenger. We pay a total of $12 per month for each phone which includes unlimited texting and calling and WiFi-only data. When my contract with another major mobile provider is up next month, we will be switching my phone over to republic as well.

    1. Adam Amrine says:

      I’d switch mine over as well, but unfortunately I don’t have Sprint coverage in the building where I work and we do have one T-Mobile repeater in the building. Since Project Fi can switch between Sprint and T-Mobile, it works out well. I know Republic is working on using additional networks, so we’ll see when that happens. Also, I checked recently and the Moto X is no longer available. It seems they’ve lost their flagship phone. I’m hoping something comes back to replace it soon.

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